Kathleen Maloney was married to her true love, Joe, with whom she had a beautiful daughter, Kelly.

When Joe lost his job – a career he had for more than twenty years – he had a nervous breakdown and was eventually diagnosed with manic depressive disorder.  He refused to treat his illness. His condition worsened and ultimately destroyed his life.  

This is Kathleen's personal story of her life with Joe, before and after his illness. 

It was a love story before it became a horror story.

Kathleen was no stranger to hardship and heartbreak.  As a child, she overcame the loss of her mother to mental illness. In 1997, she fought to prosecute the doctor who supplied her sister with the drugs that led to her death.

There were no books to help Kathleen understand her mother’s mental illness when she was growing up. There were few books explaining her husband’s horrible ordeal. That’s when she knew she had to write Twice Lost.

After Joe's death, Kathleen took her first trip to Ireland, home of her ancestors and a magical chance encounter in County Leitrim changed Kathleen's life forever.

Follow Kathleen on her journey through Ireland and learn how the love and kindness from the people of Ireland helped to heal her broken heart.


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